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Best Father's Day Gift - Premium Jerky & Snack Stick Variety Pack

Best Father's Day Gift - Premium Jerky & Snack Stick Variety Pack

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Why buy this snack-filled gift bag for Dad?

šŸ– A Gourmet Feast for Dad: Indulge your dad's taste buds with this assortment of premium meats, from wild boar and turkey to 100% grass-fed beef.

šŸŽ A Flavor Explosion: Delight him with a variety of unique flavors, including teriyaki, pepperoni, sweet & spicy, hickory-smoked, and more.

šŸ† The Ultimate Father's Day Gift: Show your dad he's the best with a gift that goes beyond ordinary, offering a luxurious snacking experience he won't forget.

What's included?

Ultimate Father's Day Gift Bag

[1] Pepperoni Beef & Pork Stick 0.50oz
[1] Sweet & Spicy 100% Grassfed Beef Stick, 1.00oz
[1] Original Beef Mini Sticks 0.50oz
[1] Field Trip - Buffalo Style Chicken Stick 0.50oz
[1] Turkey Stick 0.50 oz
[1] Wild Boar Hickory Snack Stick 0.98oz
[1] Original 100% Grassfed Beef Stick, 1.00oz
[1] O.G Hickory Jerky 1oz
[1] Uncured Turkey Pepperoni 1.00oz
[1] Mini Jalapeno Beef Stick 0.50oz
[1] Teriyaki Wrapped Jerky Stick 1.25oz
[1] Cracked Pepper Turkey Stick 0.50oz


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