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To make healthy food options conveniently available, improve snacking habits & assist those in need by donating a percentage of profits.

Who is Bunny James and what's his story?

When I was 25, I stumbled upon the story of an extraordinary rabbit. Late on a rainy winter evening, I walked in a San Francisco pub and framed on a bathroom wall was a vintage newspaper clipping.

It read, “AMAZING RABBIT”. It was a true story of a rabbit, a rabbit like no other rabbit, it’s now the story that inspired Bunny James.

Harvey was no ordinary rabbit, he was a bar rabbit with a diet of gin soaked carrots. Harvey’s owner was the bartender at the local dive and he spent his days sitting on the bar greeting guests. He had lush white fur, ruby eyes, and a big rabbit booty.

A sheep farmer from down the road often came to the bar for a whiskey. The farmer took a liking to Harvey, he could tell that Harvey was different and asked to take Harvey home to live a better life outside.

The farmer drove Harvey home and let him roam the yard. Harvey was quite curious when he saw a sheep pasture, and quickly hopped over. All of a sudden, the sheep began to charge at Harvey!

Harvey, with the courage of a bear, charged right back at the sheep! Before the farmer knew it, Harvey was herding the sheep around the Pen.  It was at that moment that Harvey went from “Harvey” to “Harvey The Herder”. From then on, Harvey’s favorite activity was herding sheep. He would even nip at their ankles when they would get out of line.

Harvey continued to lead the sheep on the farm like a military general for many years to come.

The story of Harvey inspired me to launch Bunny James. It created an idea inside me that we control our destiny, no matter who we are or where we come from. Sometimes we just need a spark or an opportunity to propel us.

We strive to provide you products that make you a little better each day. A small gesture like a snack box may be just what you need to ignite you to do what you never thought was possible. Break the social norms, BE YOU! If a rabbit can do it.. so can you 😉

There is a Harvey in all of us, it is up to you to find it. 

Bunny James - working hard to get you your delicious box!Bunny James Working Hard


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