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dive into a world of jerky delights!


Snack without compromise. Our curated selection ensures quality ingredients, lower fat content, and no artificial additives.

  • 12 individually wrapped exotic protein rich jerky snacks

  • Packed with handpicked premium snacks (no fillers and no junk guaranteed)

  • Premium jerky selection of high-protein beef jerky and exotic meat treats

  • Pair it perfectly with any of our signature jerky snack box for an unforgetable holiday treat!

  • Discover 25 new and exciting jerky brands from venison to buffalo chicken! 

  • Your dad will be happily chomping on zero sugar grass fed jerky and delicious elk meat sticks. He will be blown away by this beef jerky box!



Nalini K.

Opening this box began an over-the-top cured meat extravaganza at my house. I have to say I had no idea just how much jerky was going to be in this thing! And that's a good thing, cuz it'll last you a while. I was surprised to find some stuff I'd never had before, like the Ostrim and the Biltong, and the Venison became our favorites. The picture I took doesn't do it justice because we kept digging in and finding more stuff underneath!

A. Sath

I got this for my dad and he loved it. Has ostrich, venison, and chicken which is unique and actually tastes good. Solid gift for jerky junkies!

C. Chris

I am all around very pleased with this Christmas stocking jerky set. What a wonderful Christmas gift idea this is! Anyone who likes jerky is bound to appreciate this. This stocking is jammed packed full of different varieties and types of jerky. I mean it. This is a steal of a deal for the price and the amount you receive. They did not skip out at all. What is even better is the quality of the jerky included. This is grass fed jerky, meaning it is more nutritious than your typical standard jerky can you find at the store. It just tastes better too.I am going to purchase additional stocking for the members of my family! Highly recommended.

"This is a perfect gift for any jerky lover. There are so many varieties, all with amazing quality. I even discovered my new favorite type of beef jerky from this gift. Its absolutely delicious! Ill be buying several for family Christmas gifts!" - Kayla

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