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Plant-Powered Dad: Vegan Snack Box for Father's Day, Cookies, Bars, Chips, Jerky & More

Plant-Powered Dad: Vegan Snack Box for Father's Day, Cookies, Bars, Chips, Jerky & More

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Step into a world where guilt-free snacking meets unrivaled flavor sensation! Brace yourself for the unveiling of Bunny James' Premium Vegan Box - a treasure trove of 20 handpicked, delectable treats designed to redefine your snacking experience.

Premium Vegan Box Assortment (20 Snacks)

  • [1] Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs 1 oz.
  • [1] Munk Pack Protein Cookie 2.96 oz.
  • [1] Good Crisps Original 1.65 oz
  • [1] GFB The Gluten Free Bar 2.05 oz.
  • [1] Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie 2 oz.
  • [1] Kibo Chickpea Chips - Pico De Galio 1oz
  • [1] Whoa Dough Chocolate Chip 1.60 oz.
  • [1] Kapop Ancient Grain Popped Chips 1 oz.
  • [1] BEAR Real Fruit YoYos - Raspberry .7 oz.
  • [1] BTR Cinnamon Cookie Dough ENERGY 1.23 oz.
  • [1] Gomacro Mini Protein Bars .9 oz.
  • [1] Bubbas Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Glazed Keto Nut Mix 1.2oz
  • [1] Bobo’s Lemon Poppyseed Oat Bites 1.3 oz.
  • [1] Jana Banana Green Banana Bar 1.06 oz
  • [1] Siren Snacks Birthday Cake Bites 1.9 oz.
  • [1] Yes Bar Salted Maple Pecan 1.40 oz.
  • [2] Natures Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bars 2 oz.
  • [1] Primal Strips Meatless Jerky 1 oz.
  • [1] Wiley Wallaby Classic Red Licorice 4.00oz

What Can I Expect In My Snack Gift Box?

  • Bunny James Premium Vegan Box is a collection of 20 individually wrapped healthy vegan protein rich snacks.
  • Get ready to discover the newest, most delicious, healthiest, and trusted vegan brands.
  • Quality, Quality, Quality - This box is made with handpicked premium items (no fillers and no junk guaranteed).
  • Arrives looking like a miniature garden and includes multi-colored grass, custom poem, and a heartfelt story. The perfect gift for any vegan or plant based loved one.

From the first unwrapping to the last delightful crunch, immerse yourself in an extraordinary journey of taste and health. Each bite embodies the ethos of wellness without compromising on taste or excitement.


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