Top 9 Holiday Gift Mistakes To Avoid in 2019!🎁💔☃🤷‍♂️🤷

How To NOT Be This Year’s Worst Holiday Gift’er

Gifting for your loved ones can go one of two ways.

1. A wonderful loving experience that brings family & friends closer together.


2. A complete disaster that ends with a drunk uncle, fighting siblings, and frustrated parents that feel unappreciated.

If #2 has ever happened to you, we have put together a few gifting tips that will better your chances of having a happy joyful holiday season!

Top 9 Holiday Gift Mistakes To Avoid in 2019!

1. Lack of Deep Thinking

Have you decided on your gift in under 5 minutes of concentrated thought? If not, give it some more time.

2. No Backstory

Does the gift connect to an experience or conversation you have had with the person? If not, pick a gift with a back story. It's so much more meaningful when you explain why as they open it.

3. Clothes Are A Calculated Risk

Don’t buy clothes for someone on a whim. A good gift should have context and background. You should be able to say “I bought you this sweater because…” If they haven’t mentioned that they want the sweater, your chances are slim that they will love it. Don't go out on a limb and assume they will like something.

4. Gift Cards Are For 30 and Under

Buying a gift card can be a great option for that special person who is tight on cash. This gives them the freedom to shop and buy (something they may not be doing very often). Gift cards are less creative and less fun for the giver and receiver but a solid option if they are under 30. With that being said, you may as well write someone a check. They will like that the most.

If the recipient is over 30, gift cards are a bad option. It shows a lack of thought and preparation about what they like. People want to feel that you have taken the time to find something special and meaningful.

5. Don't Forget About Food

People tend to forget about buying food as gifts and it's unfortunate because if it tastes delicious anyone will love it! There are many great healthy and delicious gift box services that appeal to all types of eaters including vegans, paleos, ketos, and gluten free eaters. If you want to take it to the next level, get them a gift that fits their food tribe. Get a vegan gift for a vegan friend or a keto gift for a keto coworker. Here is a link to a few options:

6. Drop the Junk

Quality over quantity holds true with gifts. Getting a loved one 10 junk items that will go in their trunk forever does only one thing, adds more clutter to their life. A good question to ask yourself before buying, "Will he/she actually use this?". If you have to think about it, the answer is no. This year take a different approach. Find 2-3 high quality items and your loved one will appreciate you much more. Or reference back to #5 and get them food.

7. Slacking On Presentation

Perception of time spent gathering and wrapping has a huge impact on how a gift is perceived by the loved one. Put some time into you wrap job and spend a little bit on the wrapping paper, maybe even add a bow! The way things look help develop excitement and we all know that it is fun to tare wrapping paper. This year forget the grocery bag wrapping paper and put some time into the presentation.

8. Timing Is Important

Just like in a movie, building suspense for gifting is HUGE! We recommend leaving the gifts somewhere that they can be seen. Let your loved ones know that they will not be opening the gifts until after the meal, event, occasion. This is crucial in building excitement to open gifts, especially for younger kids.

9. Let Them Know You Really Tried

Remember that you are gifting for your loved ones and the fact that you’re even reading this means that you care about them enjoying the gifts you get them. So, Let them Know! Tell your friends and family how hard you tried to get them the perfect gift because that honesty will mean a lot to them. It will also help them look at their gift in a different light knowing about your dedication to get them something special.

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