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Father's Day Gourmet Snack Bag - Savory and Spicy Treats

Father's Day Gourmet Snack Bag - Savory and Spicy Treats

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Why buy this snack-filled gift bag for Dad?

🌶️ Ignite Dad's Taste Buds: Filled with a variety of spicy snacks like habanero beef sticks and jalapeno beef sticks, this "Dad Bag" is perfect for dads who crave heat.

🎁 A Flavorful Adventure: Treat your dad to a snacking journey with bold and smoky flavors, from chili & lime fava beans to hot BBQ nuts.

🔥 The Perfect Father's Day Surprise: Show your appreciation with a unique and delicious gift that will tantalize his taste buds and make this Father's Day unforgettable.

What's included?

Father's Day Gourmet Snack Bag - Savory & Spicy Treats

[1]     Chili & Lime Fava Beans 2.00oz
[1]     Hot BBQ Nuts 3.00oz
[1]     Habanero 100% Grass-Fed Beef Stick 1.50oz
[1]     Jalapeno Beef Sticks 1.00oz
[1]     Field Trip - Buffalo Style Chicken Stick 0.50oz
[1]     Green Chile Beef & Pork Snack Stick 1oz


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