We started Bunny James to fix a problem that my family has been struggling with for 20+ years.


We all have different diets and allergies!


Here is the breakdown of my family.


Brother – Vegan

Sister 1 – Celiac (gluten free)

Sister 2 – Allergic to chocolate

Mom – Allergic to eggs, bananas, and avocados

Dad - Diabetic (low sugar, low carb)


Dinner was nearly impossible and typically ended in an argument.  Going out to eat was complicated due to cross contamination in kitchens. Food gift baskets were typically just thrown in the trash.


Turns out there are 89 million of you out there struggling with the same thing! Someone in your immediate family falls in the specialty diet or allergy category.


Then….Bunny James was born. Viola! Problem solved!


To simply your holiday gifting, I have created a gift list for the 6 most common specialty eating styles. If none of these fit your fam, go browse our shop all page, we have over 60 to choose from.


  1. Vegan Gift – Our premium vegan gift box is packed with 20 healthy snacks ranging from salty chips to sweet fruit gummies. This is our number 1 selling gift box! 
  2. Low Sugar / Low Carb Gift – Our deluxe low carb keto box is packed with 20 no sugar added products and everything is below 5g of net carbs. Ranging from jerky to granola.
  3. Gluten Free Gift – Our gluten free snack box is packed with 20 certified gluten free snacks from cookie dough bars to beef jerky.

4. Dairy Free Gift– Our dairy free snack box is loaded with 20 delicious treats from natural candy to all beef salami. (Hyperlink + Image)

5. Nut Free Gift – Our nut free box is certified peanut and tree nut free with 12 amazing snacks ranging from sunflower butter to chickpea cookies. My personal favorite! (Hyperlink + Image)

6. Top 8 Allergan Free Gift – Last but not least for the family members with multiple allergies or you just want to play it safe! Our Top 8 Allergen Free box is free of milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soybean and packed with 15 snacks from organic figs super grain puffs!

Happy Holiday’s from Bunny James to you!

Cheers, Lonny James