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  • Make snack time at the office better with our monthly subscription and get new and tasty treats each month!

  • Diverse snack options for everyone! Choose from healthy snacks, indulgent treats, and dietary-specific choices to cater to your team's diverse preferences.

  • Our snack boxes support diversity by featuring brands owned by women and BIPOC entrepreneurs.

  • Free US Shipping
    over $50
  • Money-back
  • Inclusive to all
    diets & allergies
  • Custom branding

Bring the Smiles Whether You're Remote, In-Office, or at Home

Snacks for Remote Workers
Choose from our best boxes and send your gift as soon as today.
  • Free US Shipping

  • Recipient can swap gifts for a similarly priced product

  • Get 10% instant discount for 10 gifts and above

Custom Snack Boxes & Gifts
Your team can select gifts that fit THEIR taste buds with our custom link.
  • Starts at $30/box; minimum order of 25 boxes

  • Accommodates remote worker snacks subscription 

  • Perfect choice for multiple gift box assortments

Custom Wellness Boxes
Crafting custom wellness gift boxes tailored to your company's goals – from stress management boxes and mental health to self-care boxes and more.
  • Starts at $20/box; minimum order of 50 boxes

  • Deliciously thoughtful wellness solution that employees love

  • Option to upgrade boxes with branded swag

Curious about Bunny James?

Read Below!

Our Story
From humble beginnings with a vending machine, wifi, and a bedroom used as a warehouse to becoming the leader in Food Tribe based gifting.

Bunny James was built on the accidental findings of a true story about a unique bunny that empowered a team to push through near eviction and grow their business to touch almost every zip code in the United States.
Our Team
The team consisted of 4 people with corporate day jobs that would work on Bunny James in the morning, during lunch, at night, and all weekend. No one was getting paid and everyone was running on empty about to collapse or have a mental break down.

Bunny James was at a serious crossroads, there was more work than hours available in the day. So, our Head Bunny Officer decided to take a risk and quit his day job. Soon after that, two other partners did the same. Then before you know it, the team had grown to 9 people. Turns out that all 9 are terrible bowlers.