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Bunny James Vegan Keto Box is a collection of 10 singe-serve premium vegan and keto items. Great gift for a family member or friend who is a vegan or on keto!

  • Add a custom message with your gift

  • 10 healthy vegan and keto approved snacks.

  • All snacks are individually wrapped

  • Arrives looking like a miniature garden exploding with color

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • Thousands of Happy Bunny James Customers

Customer Reviews

What's Included?

Get ready to discover the newest, most delicious, healthiest, and trusted vegan and keto approved brands.

  • [1] Keto Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter 1.65 oz 
  • [1] IQ Bar Brain Fuel Bar Blueberry 1.60 oz 
  • [1] Munk Pack Keto Nut & Seed Bar 1.23 oz
  • [1] Lenny & Larry's Keto Cookie 1.60 oz 
  • [1] Legendary Almond Butter Squeeze Pack Pecan Pie 1 oz
  • [1] Eden Pocket Snacks Seeds, Pumpkin, Salted At least 95% Organic 1 oz
  • [1] Pizzootz Infused Peanuts 1.45 oz 
  • [1] Karma Nuts Golden Turmeric Wrapped Cashews 1.50 oz 
  • [1] Wonderful Pistachios Pistachios Roasted and Salted 1.50 oz
  • [1] Brami Garlic & Rosemary Italian Snacking Beans 2.30 oz
  • [1] Artisana Raw Organic Coconut Butter 1.06 oz
  • [1] Olove Pitted Green Olives Basil & Garlic .70 oz
  • [1] Poshi - Steamed & Marinated Asparagus -Rosemary & Oregano 1.34 oz

Vegan Keto Box Highlights

Chocolate Peanut Butter Keto Bars
As if the taste of creamy peanut butter couldn't get any better, 100% chocolate and created decadent Chocolate Peanut Butter Keto Bars. 

Lenny & Larry's Keto Cookie
The best thing about the keto diet is the guilt-free snacks you can still enjoy. With the coconut keto cookie, you won't have to worry about gluten, high fructose corn syrup, dairy, or any of those other problem-some ingredients

Almond Butter Cocoa Chip Keto Granola Bar
How do you make almond butter even more delicious? By adding cocoa chips of course! These yummy ingredients are well paired in their chewy Almond Butter Cocoa Chip Keto Granola Bar.


Are the snacks the same as in the photo?

   The snacks in the photo are the same as what you get in the box minus the flavor.

   Based on product availability the flavor of the snack may vary. Occasionally replacement

   snacks are used if the manufacturer is out of stock.

Are they gluten free as well?

    No, not all items are gluten free but please check out our vegan and gluten free boxes! 

Where can I find the ingredients?

   All ingredients are listed on the back of each product!

Are they nut free?

   This box includes items that contain nuts, if you're allergic we highly suggest

   you please check ingredients before consuming snacks or check out our Allergen Friendly Box

How much net carbs per serving will my snacks have?
   Below 5g of net carbs per serving

What criteria do you use to determine this is keto friendly?
    All products are below 5 grams of net carbs, no grains, and malitol free.

Customer Testimonials

I love the Bunny James Brand. I can Snack all I want to at work and not worry about putting unhealthy ingredients in my body. This is probably my favorite of all the boxes. My dad is gonna love it too!

- Dan

This was a birthday gift for my dad; he absolutely LOVED it! He makes his own jerky and I was looking for seasoning packets when I found this. My dad kept going on and on to my mom what a wonderful gift it was!

- Shelly

I didn't know what to get for my brother in law for Father's Day and figured what better than a variety of snacks. Needless to say he enjoyed every bit and it was gone within a few hours. Appreciated the quality and variety included in this set and will keep Bunny James in mind for future gifts. At least he still has the mug!

- Kameron

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