These 3 Things Will Make Sure Your Employees Are Crushing It While Working From Home 🏠💻📝💼💪


With the recent turn of global events, more and more employers are closing their office doors and having their employees work remotely online for the first time. Some of your employees might already set up to work from home and won’t face many challenges or disruptions while continuing their day-to-day tasks, but others will have difficulty adjusting, and rightly so. As an employer, it is kind of your job to make sure our employees have all the necessary tools to work from home, it’s also in your benefit to do so. Empowered employees produce high quality work faster.


Whether you are new to remote working as well or you already run an effective online team, here are three things that will make sure your employees are crushing it while working from home. 

Highlight Accomplishments For Individuals and Your Team

Because your employees are no longer working side-by-side, they need encouragement more than ever to stay on track and keep motivated. Big or small, all accomplishments should be recognized and shared with the team to make a show of how you value their efforts and expertise. Start your day with a virtual “daily huddle” and dedicate 15-minutes every day to check in. Each employee will share what they are working on, if they are stuck on anything and what they completed or accomplished in the past 24 hours. Even though they are physically apart, it helps the team stay connected and share successes together.


Encourage Best Practices

Working from home, your employee is their own worst enemy. With no co-workers to engage with face-to-face, you would think there would be no distractions throughout the workday, but that’s not always the case. It is likely that your employee isn’t home alone, and that they have children or other family members to care for as well. As an employer, you can be understanding and supportive by outlining best practices to help your team work successfully at home and avoid distractions.


Encourage your employees to:

  • Set up a workstation away from their bed and sofa
  • Keep to a schedule and have a definitive end time to their workday
  • Video and audio call with co-workers, instead of sending emails
  • Take breaks throughout day that include walking outside and getting fresh air (while social distancing)

This will help your team feel more comfortable in their new work environment and put them in the right headspace to accomplish goals while at home, like they would in the office.

Invest In Your Employees Wellbeing

It is important that your employees separate work time from their personal time, which can be a tad more difficult when working from home every day. As an employer, show that you care about your team outside of the business and do something to invest in their wellbeing as individuals. Get them a gift that is thoughtful and supportive, like a premium gift and snack box.


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