Special Easter Moments Are Never Forgotten!


Do you have anything in your life where, when you just look at it, you automatically think about a special person? Maybe a picture or a book or a certain piece of clothing?


For me, it’s the apple tree in my parents’ backyard. Every time I visit them now and I see that tree, I’m reminded of my grandfather, who planted it one summer when I was a child. I still remember the day. My mom had kicked me outside to get fresh air instead of letting me sit inside and play video games all day, like I’d wanted! My grandpa was over, helping my dad with a landscaping project, but my dad was off at the hardware store, so my grandpa enlisted me as his assistant.


I don’t recall what the weather was like that day or what I was wearing, but I’ll always remember my grandfather’s patient voice as he showed me how to dig the hole in the ground and gently pack dirt around the tree sapling.  That’s a memory I’ve always cherished.


I know how meaningful a simple activity like that can be, which is why I decided to include hands-on activities in our Premium Easter Healthy 12-Count Box.


It’s full of the snacks and candy kids love, of course (all healthy, although they don’t know it), but it’s got more than that. We include a memory-making activity that kids will remember till they’re grown up too: Bunny James Hoppy Easter Seed Paper.


At first glance, it deceptively looks merely like a carrot-shaped card – but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Rip the paper carrot off the card, plant it in a pot and water it, and it sprouts real spring wildflowers plants. Kids will be amazed by how simple yet cool it is.


With activities like this, you don’t even have to be together in person to feel connected to each other. Grandparents can send the Easter package to their grandchildren, then guide the kiddos through the process of planting the carrot paper over video call. And every time the kids see those colorful wildflowers blooming over the next few months, they’re going to think of their grandparents too.


Connection like this is what Bunny James is all about.

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