Spring is almost here: blue skies, bright sun, birdsong, and fresh green leaves sprouting on trees. This time of year always makes me think of Easter. It brings back memories of searching for Easter eggs as a child and eating bunny-shaped candy with my friends.

Although, to be fair, I know a lot of adults who still love the holiday just as much as kids do. What can I say – Easter candy is delicious!

Luckily, the new Bunny James box is a perfect care package for anyone, no matter their age. It’s filled with vegan Easter candy, like chocolate chip cookies, jelly beans, and bunny gummies. But even better (in my opinion) is that it contains more than just healthy, tasty snacks. This box helps families and friends create memories together – even if those memories form virtually.

And since a lot of loved ones won’t be able to gather in person for the holiday this year, that’s more important than ever.                                           

The plant-based candy and snacks are delicious, of course. But there are two special things that set this basket apart from any other Easter one we’ve done before.

A colorful plastic Easter egg which hides a surprise inside: a radish growing kit. You can actually plant it in the ground with your kids or friends and radishes will grow from it. How cool is that?


James, our bunny mascot, includes another subtle surprise hidden in the orange carrot-shaped card. It doesn’t just look like a carrot: put it in a pot, water it, and real carrot sprouts will actually grow from the paper! Kids will get a kick out of seeing plants seemingly growing from nowhere.


Grandparents, uncles, and aunts can watch their loved ones plant the seed paper and the radish kit by video, and then keep in touch for updates as the plants start growing. This basket is one more simple way to feel connected over the holidays, even when you’re far apart