Best Handpicked Easter Gift!

One of the best things about running Bunny James is that I get to test pretty much every product that we sell. I could ask someone else to do it all for me, but I like to know personally that each and every item we pack into our baskets is a winner. Why? Because the baskets are more than just products; they’re ways to say you care, especially when you can’t be near the people you love in person.

So with this in mind, allow me to share the top ways the Deluxe Easter 15 Count Basket sends the love.

  1. Snacks are delicious, festive, and healthy, like the solid chocolate Easter bunny, chocolate marshmallow egg, bunny fruit snacks, and egg-shaped jelly beans. I have a huge sweet tooth, but we also include cheddar puffs and popped sweet and salty sorghum chips for those who like to mix up their flavor palate. We did our best to include items that are organic, non-GMO, sugar-free, and free of unhealthy additives.
  2. James, our bunny mascot, sends a note with each package. Items arrive looking like they were plucked from a spring garden, surrounded by decorative grass. You can even see the bunny’s fluffy tail and big ears silhouetted on each box.
  3. And the piece de resistance? The Natural Easter egg coloring kit, that only uses plant-based dyes. The egg-coloring kit truly has the potential to spark memories. Using only natural colors, this kit lets your kids become artists in their own rights by creating unique designs. When they’re older, they’re not going to remember what they drew on the eggs they decorated, but they’re going to remember that warm, caring way you made them feel while they did it. But this isn’t just a fun activity for kids to do with their parents. I can personally attest that it’s also a great group-bonding activity at the office or with friends. The Bunny James team decided to test out the kit ourselves with an egg-dying contest. It was really cool to see how creative my coworkers could be. It turned out to be a goofy, fun way to let off steam and have some fun. Who would have thought?
So there you have it! The top ways the Deluxe Easter Healthy 15 Count Box is spreading the love.
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