Giving Is a Choice. We Choose To Give 💁💸 – Bunny James Boxes

Giving Is a Choice. We Choose To Give 💁💸

“You only keep what you have by giving it away” – Anonymous

Bunny James started as a healthy vending machine company with a mission to support those in need with healthy snacks. Today, our business has changed tremendously but not our core philosophy of giving. 

Our vending journey started back in 2015. We curated awesome healthy assortments, built custom vending machines, and provided our customers with knowledge about what they were eating.


We quickly realized that we could use the items that we carried for the vending machines and make great gift boxes. We made 8 boxes, put them online, and they sold! The next week we made 16 boxes, put them online, and they sold, again! That is where our journey as Bunny James Boxes began.

Long story short, we made the decision to pursue our gift box business full force.

On that day, after calling our vending customers and letting them know the decision we had made, we had two options: 

  1. Let the snacks in the machines sell through and pick up the vending machines at that time.
  2. Take all of the snacks from the vending machines and hand them out to those struggling in our community. 

That was the easiest decision we ever made. We do what we do because we love to give and that was a special opportunity.

Today, we donate the majority of our donatable resources to a wonderful organization called Schools On Wheels. If you would like to support them too, click this link. You won’t regret it.

If you would like to support and donate a box to School On Wheels, click here!