Bunny James Boxes - Put To A Taste Test By An 8 Year Old! 😍👩‍👩‍👦‍👦✅✏️

Thomas, an 8 year old blogger (check him out here) recently put Bunny James Boxes to his official taste test.

Here at Bunny James Boxes we were so anxious and nervous about his ruling that we cancelled our standard 2pm hop party🐰🎊!

In anticipation, we found out that Thomas was taste testing our sampler box. We were happy to hear this because the sampler box is essentially a variety box filled with many of our most delicious treats and is extremely kid friendly.


Here are the HONEST results of Thomas's taste test:

Turns out we had nothing to be nervous about. Thomas loved the box and even recommended a few of his favorite snacks!

This reassured us that our sampler box is a great option for parents looking for delicious healthy snacks for their families.

Here are Thomas's favorite snacks:

Beanfields Bean Chips

Crunchy, salty, and a definite yes for the office snack drawer.
Thomas says: “delicious” but I ate the rest of the bag. 

Nature’s Bandits Organic Fruit Stix, Mango

Kid friendly ✅  Thomas rated, “delicious” – I did not get a chance to try them, since they were gone in a flash. I ordered a bag so I can sneak at least one into my work tote and the rest into his lunchbox.



Thank you for your review and showing children everywhere that healthy snacks can be delicious.



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