Vegan Jerky Box – Bunny James Boxes
Vegan Jerky Box - Bunny James Boxes
Vegan Jerky Box - Bunny James Boxes
Vegan Jerky Box - Bunny James Boxes

Vegan Jerky Box

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Vegan Jerky Sampler Box Assortment (8 items)

[1] VEGKY Mushroom Jerky - Original 2.46 oz
[1] Solely Organic Mango Fruit Jerky .8 oz
[1] Solely Organic Pineapple Fruit Jerky .8 oz
[1] Wild Joy Banana Jerky 3 oz
[1] Savory Wild Mushroom Jerky - Garlic & Black Pepper 2 oz
[1] Noble Jerky in Sweet BBQ Flavor 2.46
[1] Primal Strips Hot & Spicy Shitake Meatless Jerky 1 oz
[1] Primal Strips Mesquite Lime Seitan Meatless Jerky 1 oz

What Can I Expect In My Vegan Jerky Sampler Box?

  • Bunny James Vegan Jerky Box is a collection of 8 individually wrapped jerky treats made with 100% healthy vegan ingredients.
  • Get ready to discover the newest, most delicious, healthiest, and trusted vegan brands.
  • Quality, Quality, Quality - This box is made with handpicked premium items (no fillers and no junk guaranteed).
  • Arrives looking like a miniature garden and includes multi-colored grass, custom poem, and a heartfelt story. The perfect gift for any vegan or plant-based food lover.

 A Few Special Features!

Variety. Variety. Variety. We’ve packed this gift box with a mix of savory and sweet jerkies, so one is guaranteed to become your new favorite. Like the hickory-smoked Snack Jack jerky, which is made from jackfruit. Full of natural protein and prebiotic fiber, and mimicking the texture of real meat, this jackfruit jerky is a great post-workout snack.

Feel good about what goes into your body. Solely Mango and Pineapple jerkies are all non-GMO and organic. Every single Solely Jerky strip is made from hand-selected fruit, picked ripe for the fullest flavor. A specialized drying process ensures that every bite has all the taste and nutrients of fresh fruit with the convenience of a jerky strip – no preservatives or sugar needed.

Get that real jerky taste and chew with Noble Jerky’s Sweet BBQ flavor. It’s marinated and seasoned, just like real beef jerky, so it still has that seasoned taste you crave. You’ll have trouble telling it apart from meat jerkies.

Let your taste buds explode with the sweet and savory experience of Wild Joy Banana Jerky. These chewy marinated banana slices prove that healthy snacks still taste great. Every ingredient is packed with antioxidants and clean sugar, plus it’s sustainably sourced and Fair Trade Certified, so you’ll feel as good as this jerky tastes.

Whether you’re finishing up a run or on your way to work, Primal Strips jerky is a convenient snack on the go. Made from seitan, these strips are packed full of more protein than real meat. They’re got the real jerky flavor and texture you’ve been looking for.

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