Why My Wife Chooses to Stay in a Challenging Nursing Career


My wife is a dedicated pediatric nurse who, regrettably, faces an array of emotionally taxing situations in her line of work.


I often see her deeply affected after a particularly demanding shift. As we sit down and talk, I remind my wife that she has the choice to explore alternative career paths within her field, ones with less emotional burden than working with oncology patients.


Yet, she always expresses her passion for her job, the fulfillment it brings, and her inability to envision a different career.

We should always appreciate and be grateful for the extraordinary individuals who dedicate their lives to caring for our sick loved ones.


It takes an exceptional person to confront the harsh realities of illness daily and still maintain a positive attitude.

In light of this, I think it’s wonderful that there’s a Nurse Week, but I’d argue that a whole Nurse Month is more fitting!


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Lonny, Head Bunny

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