Top 3 Father's Day Gift Ideas!

The word Dad is weird because it means completely different things to different people. That’s because our memories and experiences with our fathers (or in many unfortunate cases, lack of experiences) create how we define the word. Your definition is likely unique to you, and I am certain that mine is completely unlike that of Webster’s definition.


Webster’s Definition: “a male parent” LOL!


To me, the word DAD brings the following thoughts to mind:


  • Dependable – he’ll be there
  • Baby talking to the family dog
  • King of running to the grocery store and forgetting the one thing my mom wanted him to get
  • Loyalty – taking the sides of those he cares about even when they are in the wrong
  • Meats! Dinner is not complete without an animal protein
  • Kind and selfless when those he cares about need a hand
  • Stubborn as heck!


Father’s Day is a celebration that my Father loves to downplay. “NO PRESENTS!” are the famous words spoken to anyone who would dare to spend time or money on him. This special no presents day typically boils down to a loud and high protein dinner filled with arguing, laughter, and my dad feeding steak to the dog.


The dog actually plays a significant role in what my dad means to me. To get personal for a quick second:


When I was in college, I did the worst thing a broke college kid can do…. I got a dog. I loved the heck out of that dog and that dog was there for me during some really tough times. Shortly after college graduation, I got my first job in Washington DC and couldn’t bring that dog. Without hesitation my parents took my dog, Jazz.


I deserved to have the reckless decision of getting a dog that I couldn’t take care of rubbed in my face. My dad never did. He just loved that dog, more than anyone I have ever seen love a dog. Sometimes I even think that a lot of our love for each other is somehow channeled through that dog. Long story short, that dog has a pretty good life nowadays and is definitely a little thicker than I left her.


Now the real question is what do you get for someone as selfless as my dad for Father’s Day?


If you asked my Dad, he would say absolutely nothing… But you are asking me so here are my Top 3 Father’s Day Suggestions.



  1. A Killer Pair of Flip Flop Sandals

My dad loves to be comfortable and flip flops may not be the most attractive look but they sure are convenient and comfortable. Fair warning that if you get a pair for your dad or husband, he will wear them on many occasions that they are not appropriate! But if your dad doesn’t embarrass you from time to time is he really doing his job?


  1. Jerky & Lots of It

What can I say, the man loves meat! Sampling different types and flavors from chicken to venison and everything in between. This exotic jerky sampler is clean, healthy, and the most unique jerky assortment you can find. There is also an option for a laser engraved mug that say’s. “You’re the man”.


  1. Fishing Trip

Many of my earliest memories are of my dad dragging me on a tin boat for an 8 hour fishing excursion. Honestly, I never really liked fishing and my dad is well aware of this, but it was a great way for us to spend time together. Down the road, I do plan to put together a fun fishing trip for us to connect and for me to tangle up his fishing lines. Fun and simple way to get on the water and connect.

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