Revolutionize Your Open Enrollment: A Guide to Making it Exciting!

Revolutionize Your Open Enrollment: A Guide to Making it Exciting!

Open enrollment season often conjures images of monotonous paperwork and disinterested employees navigating through benefit options. However, it doesn't have to be that way! Open enrollment can be an exciting and engaging experience for both employers and employees alike. In a recent webinar collaboration between BunnyWell by Bunny James Boxes, Cigna, and Hub International, several innovative ideas were shared to transform the open enrollment process into a dynamic and enjoyable event.

1. Comprehensive Communication Strategy:

Successful open enrollment begins with effective communication. Addressing employee questions about changes and costs is crucial. BunnyWell suggests implementing a comprehensive communication strategy that spans pre, during, and post-enrollment efforts. Focus on what's changing and its impact on benefits. This helps employees understand the significance of the choices they make.

2. Information Accessibility:

In today's information age, employees are inundated with data. To cut through the noise, guide them on where to find more details. Utilize internet sites and intranet sections for centralized information, emphasizing benefits and wellness programs. This ensures that employees can access the information they need when they need it.

3. Multimodal Communication:

Not all employees consume information in the same way. Implement a multimodal communication strategy that considers diverse workforces, including shift workers and those in hybrid work scenarios. Use meetings, webinars, text messages, and internet sites to ensure widespread coverage.

4. Incentive Strategies:

Leverage incentives to drive desired behaviors during open enrollment. Examples include gift cards tied to account registrations and peer competitions to encourage participation. Incentives add a layer of excitement and motivation to the process.

5. Wellness Program Integration:

Capitalize on open enrollment to promote wellness programs. Consider organizing a wellness week with short, voluntary webinars and incorporate incentives or rewards to boost engagement. This not only encourages employees to enroll but also emphasizes the importance of overall well-being.

6. Employee Testimonials:

Include testimonials from respected leaders or employees who have benefited from wellness programs during information sessions. This personal touch can enhance understanding and interest, making the information more relatable and compelling.

7. Interactive Elements:

Make open enrollment more enjoyable by incorporating interactive elements like trivia or scavenger hunts. Gamify the process to increase engagement and participation. This turns what was once a mundane task into an exciting and interactive experience.

8. Utilize Wellness Funds:

Use wellness funds to incentivize participation, making the process more appealing to employees. Wellness funds can be employed creatively to enhance engagement and feedback, further emphasizing the company's commitment to employee well-being.

9. Open Enrollment Boxes:

Consider innovative solutions like open enrollment boxes to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable experience. Customized boxes with printed and digital materials, along with incentives, can enhance the open enrollment process and create a memorable experience for employees.

10. Feedback Mechanism:

Actively seek feedback from participants to improve future open enrollment experiences. Engaging employees in the process and using their input can lead to continuous improvement, ensuring that the process evolves to meet the needs and preferences of the workforce.

Recorded Webinar:

To gain further insights and inspiration, check out this enlightening webinar hosted by BunnyWell in collaboration with Cigna and Hub International: Open Enrollment Excitement Webinar.


Open enrollment doesn't have to be a mundane task that employees dread. By incorporating these innovative ideas and strategies, you can transform the process into an exciting and engaging experience that fosters a positive company culture and reinforces the importance of employee well-being. So, gear up for your next open enrollment season and make it an event to remember!

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