My wife is a pediatric nurse and unfortunately witness’s a tremendous amount of tough situations. On many occasions, I find her teary-eyed after a long shift. We sit together and I always remind her that she doesn’t have to do this if she doesn’t want to. There are plenty other occupations in her field with less sorrow than working with oncology patients. She lets me know she loves her job, feels fulfilled, and can’t image doing anything else.


The truth of the matter, we are so lucky that there are wonderful humans who are willing to take care of our sick. It takes a special type of person to see the unforgettable every day and continue to show up with a smile.


I love the fact that there is a Nurse week. There should probably a whole nurse month! In support, we created a fun, affordable, snack care package to send to our loved ones in health care. It’s a blend of self-care products, energizing snacks, and a fun nurse badge to add to the collection.