My Child Has Food Allergies... Now What? 😲🤷🤧👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Our Allergies Do Not Define Us! Proved By A Super Star 3 Year Old.

Sara Elizabeth (@sara.and.the.boys) is the mother of two young beautiful boys. Her family is one of many that battles with food allergies. 

“This little man has a dairy and an egg allergy, which can prove to be quite the challenge!“ A life filled with confusion and excessive R & D until the allergies are figure out. Even after the diagnosis it takes a lot of time and effort to double check every label!

“Thankfully there are more options to add some delicious variety to his life! The only problem is... what snacks will he like? Boxes take the guess work out of figuring what to try! We were able to try so many new brands, and they were all safe for my little guy!”

"We brought them on our family vacation so we didn’t have to search for what worked! They offer different boxes like vegan (safe with my sons allergies!) and paleo!”

We are so happy that we were able to provide a solution for a wonderful family like Sara’s. If you' re having trouble finding snacks that fit your family’s allergies check out our boxes. We have over 20 boxes for all food tribe and are positive one of them will fit your needs.

Allergy friendly boxes

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