When I was a kid, I had a 24/7 stomachache. It was HORRIBLE! Always in pain. Always had to have a restroom nearby. At one point, I was literally scared to eat.
I was so sick of the pain. I remember praying to never swear again if someone up there would just take the pain away. Even had a case of the, “WHY ME’s”.
Doctor after doctor, no one had a solution. Eventually, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and put on medication but the paid never really got better. Frankly, life was pretty miserable until I was 12.
At age 12, I went in for an annual stomach checkup at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.
At that checkup, I explained to the doctor how man stomach was still always upset, especially after I ate.
That was the first time a doctor considered it could be a food allergy.
Thinking back, really surprised this was not tested earlier.
They had me drink a cup of lactose (sugar from milk products) and blow in a breath measuring device. They measured my breath before and 1 hour after drinking the lactose.
Welp!!! I am severely lactose intolerant!
That day was the day when my life started to get better.
I immediately cut all milk products out of my diet. Everything changed from that moment on. I know longer had to feel scared of going to public places or going over to a friend’s house. I was finally free.
People really underestimate the impact that food allergies have on our lives.
Happy to be one of the lucky ones who found a solution.

Head Bunny