How to Find The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift For Your Hunny Using Their Love Language ♥️💆🤷‍♂️🤷💗

Struggling like the rest of us to figure out what type of gift to get your soul mate?

We have found that most of us feel this way! You are no longer alone!

Luckily, there is a great solution to getting amazing V-Day gifts 100% of the time.

Getting the perfect gift requires only one piece of education. What is their love language?

Studies show that only 10% of all couples know each other’s love language. This explains why gifting and let’s be honest, relationships, can be so hard. We don’t know how our MVP’s interpret love.

Let’s get started, what is a Love Language?

Definition: The way we show love and interpret love back. It’s the language we speak when expressing love.

Because the action of loving is different for everyone. There is room for misinterpretations and people can mistake that for lack of connection or I don’t love you back.

Here are the 5 love languages: 









Here is a link to take a love language test.

Let’s get to the point of this blog post. Now that I know my significant others love language, how do I know what to get them for V-Day?

Happy to say that we did the research for you. Feel free to use any of our suggestions! Please pass this on to any friend who also wants V-Day gift suggestions.

Acts of service gift ideas: Recommend gifts that make their life easier.

  • Food subscription box, reducing their snack purchasing time.
  • Furbo, grabbing the attention of their dog and allotting more personal time.
  • Building something around the house that solves a problem for them. Example is a step stool if they are too short to hop in the bed themselves (thanks mom!).
  • Cook an exceptional dinner.

Words of affirmation gift ideas: Recommend gifts that make them feel appreciated and loved.

  • Buy 12 candles and write 12 gift notes, postdate them so they get to open one candle and one note up every single month. Personally, I experienced huge success here.
  • Art that reminds them how much you care and value their strengths. We recommend word art. Here is an example:
  • Personalized fortune cookies, customize the notes and let them open one up every day.

Physical touch gift ideas: Recommend anything that makes them feel physically good.

  • Hour long couples’ massage, for this love language they want to be close to you. A couple’s massage will be more enjoyable than a solo one.
  • Bed Jet to enhance your cuddling sessions, allowing them to have the perfect temperature while being cuddled up next to you.
  • Spa Gift Box, bring the spa home and try out all the fun facemasks, lotions, scrubs, and soaps. This will allow you to have physical contact and just be goofy together.

Receiving gifts gift ideas: Recommend thoughtful gifts that let them know you are thinking about them throughout the day.

  • Bunny James snack gift box, you can select their specific diet or eating habit and get them a personalized snack gift box. They also come with cute personalized messages inside.
  • Send flowers or food to their work, let them show you off a little.
  • Sign them up for a class that they have always wanted to take.
  • Spa Day find the best spa around and treat them to a day. Unlike the other love languages, they may enjoy doing this solo. It’s important that they feel like this gift is for them.

Quality time gift ideas: Recommend that whatever you get can be enjoyed with both of you together. Gifting this love language is fun and simple for both of you.

  • Trip to this cute lavender farm and hotel in New Mexico.
  • Road trip to an undisclosed destination for the weekend.
  • Surprise tickets to a concert that they have always wanted to go to.

Try gifting this year based on the way your loved one understands and interpret love. It’s important to understand that your love languages may be very different. No love language is better than any other, it’s just how we operate.

If you are still stuck after reading this on what to buy. The easy one size fits all gift is food. Everyone loves to eat. Check out these awesome and affordable gift boxes to find a simple solution!

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