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How Hangry Employees Can Disrupt Meetings

Hunger is a basic human need, and when it's not met, it can cause discomfort and irritability. This is known as "hangry." In the workplace, this can lead to decreased productivity, and in meetings, it can cause disruptions and distractions. A survey conducted by Kronos Incorporated found that nearly one-third of employees have skipped lunch due to work demands, which can lead to feelings of hunger and decreased productivity.

Another survey by SnackNation found that 75% of employees eat at their desks, and nearly half of those employees report feeling "hangry" while at work. These findings suggest that hunger and its effects are a common problem in the workplace.

Here are ways that hangry employees can disrupt meetings:
  • Loss of focus: When employees are hungry, they are more likely to have trouble concentrating. This can make it difficult for them to participate in the meeting and keep up with the discussion.
  • Irritability: Hangry employees are more likely to become irritable, and this can lead to conflicts with coworkers. This can cause distractions and make it difficult for the meeting to proceed smoothly.
  • Decreased participation: When employees are hungry, they may be less likely to speak up and participate in the meeting. This can limit the exchange of ideas and hinder collaboration.
To prevent hangry employees from disrupting meetings, event planners, human resource generalists, and wellness consultants can take the following steps:
  • Provide snacks: Offering snacks during the meeting can help employees stay focused and alert. This can also prevent hunger from causing distractions and disruptions.
  • Schedule breaks: Taking breaks during the meeting can give employees the chance to get food or snack. This can help them feel refreshed and refocused for the rest of the meeting.
  • Offer healthy food options: Encouraging healthy food choices can help employees maintain their energy levels and avoid feeling hangry.
  • Respect diets and allergies: Have food for everyone from vegan to gluten-free.
Hangry employees can have a significant impact on the productivity and success of meetings. To prevent this, event planners, human resource generalists, and wellness consultants can take steps to ensure that employees have access to food and snacks during the meeting. By doing so, they can help employees stay focused, engaged, and productive.