Who would have thought that one year later and we would still be in more-or-less the same situation? Usually when you think of the future, you are excited for what’s to come – whether it be a planned vacation overseas or a family reunion to celebrate the holidays. But it seems that the world had other plans and our plans had to take a pause.

Well, not all of us. Our Healthcare Workers are still working continuously to be the heroes we all want to be.

It’s our time to shine by showing them how much we appreciate them!

Here are four things we can do to show that we appreciate the work that they do –

  1. Acknowledge Them - it is so important to acknowledge the amazing and (literally) lifesaving work that they do. If you come across a post thanking front-liners, share it. It only takes two clicks then you can go back to your regular scrolling; I have (admittedly) done this many times. Or send a message to HCW you know, so that they know you are thinking of them & you appreciate what they do. (A “take care” message goes a looooong way!)


  1. The Courtesy Lane – Healthcare Workers are people too! So when you’re out doing essential things like buying grocery or medicine, if you can identify that they’re a front-liner, give them the courtesy of taking your place in line. Any time you can save them is more time for them to get their well-deserved rest before heading off to duty once again.
Give A Gift– Do you know someone who works in the hospital? One thing that I am sure they will appreciate is a care package. Not sure what to give them? Food is always a good option. Check out the different gift baskets that we offer… But I mean, come on, who isn’t happy when they receive food?

Don’t want to give them food? Maybe you can browse through our skincare products to help combat the dreaded maskne! The “Nurse Appreciation Healthy Snack & Body Care Gift Box” comes with a lot

Keeping this list short and sweet to show you doable and low-effort things you can do with little-to-no inconvenience to you. Let’s all show our health care workers how much we appreciate them.
Remember everybunny needs somebunny to show they love them. Take care, everyone!