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7 Major Differences Between the Keto and Paleo Diets

Are you contemplating which New Year resolution diet to choose?

To help make your decision easier, we weighed out the pro's, the con's, and the differences between two of the most popular diets. Here are the 7 major distinctions we found between the Keto and Paleo Diets.

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1. Paleo's focus is primarily eating healthy primal foods, nothing processed or artificial. If a caveman could eat it so can you. Keto's focus is on shedding unwanted fat and increasing brain function by restricting carbs and increasing healthy fats.

2. Keto approves dairy products. Paleo does not approve dairy products.

3. Individuals with Thyroid issues may have issues restricting carbs which is necessary on the Keto diet.

4. Ketosis; a metabolic state caused by raised ketone levels makes you feel energized, less hungry, and happy. This is a direct result from the Keto diet, not the Paleo diet.

5. The Paleo diet is extremely simple to follow; high-quality meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits while limiting dairy, grain, legume, and processed oil intake. The Keto diet is slightly more complex to follow and track.

6. Keto has a brain function focus. By using brain healthy fats like MCT oil, nut and seed oil, lard, and Ghee butter you may see an increase in brain function.

7. If you love fruit and want to eat more than "just a little" the Paleo diet will allow you to do that. On the Keto diet fruit intake is very limited due to high sugar content.

One major similarity for Paleo and Keto eaters is their trouble finding healthy, delicious, high protein snacks that they can take on the go.  Here is a great bundle of Paleo snacks and Keto snacks for our busy HOOMANS!


Image source: Paleo Hacks