7 Best Gifts For A Friend With A Broken Heart 🤷💆🤷‍♂️💗💔 – Bunny James Boxes

7 Best Gifts For A Friend With A Broken Heart 🤷💆🤷‍♂️💗💔

Does it break your heart to see your bestie go through a difficult break up? Wish you could take away some of that pain?

Unfortunately, there is no magic button to fix a broken heart. Time heals all wounds; however, gifts do help with pain management.

So, let’s get some heart ache Advil for our loved ones and help them through this tough time.

The following are the 7 best gift ideas to help HER think a little less about HIM.

1. Jar of Smiles

This DIY gift can be made with any jar laying around the house. Buy a few colored pieces of paper and cut 30 little squares. Then write cute notes like “You’re Enough” on each paper square. She will be excited to read her fortune each and every day.

Price Range: $3-$11 USD

2. Beauty Box

Self-care is soooooo important during the grieving times. A hot bath, face mask, and nice candle can really help you let go and breath. It’s also a ton of fun to try new natural beauty products!

Price Range: $54.99 USD

3. Body Pillow

The infamous body pillow may seem cheesy but when you've been cuddled up with someone for years and they're no longer there, it gets lonely at night. 

Price Range: $65.99 USD

4. Your Time

Grab a bottle of wine, funny movie, popcorn, chocolate, and just show up for your friend. Honestly, there is not much that can provide healing like human contact. Help your friend know she is not alone.

5. Food

Let’s face it, to some extent we can eat our feelings away! She likely does not want to leave the house so do her a solid and send a nice healthy care package with delicious treats that nourish her throughout the week.

We recommend a delicious gift basket from here that fits her diet.

6. Funny Dog Instagram Pages

Puppies make everyone happy. If you don’t have the budget to spend on a gift, this is a great way to send some joy.

7. You’ve Already Given It

The fact that you are even reading this blog post shows that you are one special friend. Your loved one is so lucky to have you in her life.