5 Summer Road Trip Essentials 🚗🛣🛑🧘🌾

Road trips can be a ton of fun or they can be miserable. I’m sure you’ve had experiences with both. 

After asking the HOOMANS in our office, we found the top 5 pain points of bad road trips.

Top 5 Pain Points

  1. It’s hot! I am dying of heat in here. Let me out!

  2. My back! WTF is wrong with this seat.

  3. Why are there so many people in this car!

  4. I need to pee but I feel bad about asking.

  5. I’m legit going to die of starvation and I don’t want McDonalds! 

Our office is full of PHD Bunnies who love to solve our first world HOOMAN problems. We provided them with these pain points and they came back with a list of the 5 essential items that everyone MUST HAVE for their next road trip.

5 Road Trip Essentials

1. Proper Attire

We don’t want to be too hot and we don’t want to be too cold, so your road trip attire is crucial. Here’s the scoop: Start with your base outfit of shorts or thin yoga pants (must not wedgy or chafe) and a tank top. Then pack long socks and a giant comfy hoody to slide on and off throughout the ride.

The common mistake is to dress warm and comfy and not think about what is under your comfies. You WILL get hot at some point during this ride and need to strip down. If  you’re not okay with getting in your undies in front of the passengers, take our advice.

2. Yoga Matt

Very aware that this seem like over kill, but it is a life saver. Do a 5-minute stretch before the drive and a 5-minute stretch at every bio break. Around each middle of nowhere gas station is a grass field waiting for you. Hop over to the grass and downward dog with mother nature.

3. Rejuvenation Spray or Wipe

If you have travelled aboard you know what I am saying. A spritz of lavender or eucalyptus on your face when stuck in the middle seat will save you from losing your cool and throwing Becky’s phone out the window for too many Snap Chat selfies. Everyone in the car will love the refreshing smell as well. Make sure it is essential oil based and not perfume.

Here is a great one: Nature's Truth

4. Something to pee in

Let’s face it. There are times where you may pee your pants if you cannot stop. So, let’s be prepared. Men, our favorite choice is a Snapple bottle (larger rim diameter). Women have to be more creative. My personal recommendation is the device below, it’s under 10 bucks!

5. Snack on Snack on Snacks

Variety is key here HOOMANS. You may crave a cookie craving driving through a dairy farm, you may want chocolate covered almonds when passing an almond tree, or you may want chocolate because it’s delicious. 

In our opinion, this is the most important part of a successful road trip. Here at Bunny James we obviously believe in clean and delicious food options, so McD’s is out.

We literally created the perfect gift snack box for road trips. Made sure to include some sweets, salties, chewies, and fruities. Honestly, we are snacking experts and you should take our word for it. It even comes with a cute bunny key chain to add to your car keys for the trip.



We hope this is helpful for your upcoming road trip!

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