5 Awkward Gift-Giving Mistakes To Avoid This 2020 😟🎄

I remember the look in her eyes as she opened my gift for her. Sadness… with a hint of disappointment. At that moment, I wished the ground would swallow me up.

This was a vivid memory two years ago... I put my best friend on the spot during a holiday get together. A forced “thank you” came out of her but all signs said “not getting a gift is better than this.” 

Since then, I’ve learned my lesson. And that’s not committing the same awkward mistake ever again. Because receiving gifts should be a fantastic feeling. I was too careless back then.

I've learned my lesson and I wanted to share it with you, here are the top 5 awkward gift-giving mistakes you should avoid:

1. The Lazy Researcher. 

People tend to think that some gifts are pretty safe for anybody. Just like food because everyone loves good food right? I hate to break it to you but not always!  Some people are on strict diets, others have food restrictions due to allergies.


It pays to send them carefully curated food items that fit their diets.


Research your loved ones’ preference and restrictions and look for gift boxes with multiple selections. Be it vegan, keto, paleo, gluten-free, or something else. Here’s a link with multiple food tribes to choose from.


2. The Perennial Procrastinator.

Your calendar says it’s time to buy those holiday gifts. Your mind says, “I’ll do it next week, I promise.” Gift-giving time has come and gone but your gift remains stuck in the shipping madness of the holiday shopping spree. 

Order your gift in advance to give it enough time for the delays on shipping.


3. The “I can’t spend more than 5 minutes on your gift.”

Gift card givers are guilty of this. Even if it’s a favorite shop, a gift card screams “I’m too busy for you.”

4. The Too Big Or Too Small For My Size (sometimes hideous design).

Ever received clothes that are either too big or too small?

Too big = didn’t you notice my size? The pants keep falling off😔

Too small = do you think I’m in middle school? 😐

Slim chance of perfect fit = hideous design 😕

5.The Notorious Regifter.

Nothing gets more awkward than regifting something in its original package with its original to and from card. 😱


Regifting is only a good idea if you know that the other person will genuinely enjoy it. Add a personalized note to make it more special.

Are you guilty of any of these? 

Worry no more, special bunny to the rescue! We’ve assembled great choices to make avoiding these mistakes easy for you here

Hop on it now and show your loved ones you put in the time and l.o.v.e to pick the right gift for them that’s personalized to their needs, hopes, or wishes.

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