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Bunny James Boxes 🌟 VIP 🌟 Ultimate Keto Holiday Gift Bundle
Bunny James Boxes 🌟 VIP 🌟 Ultimate Keto Holiday Gift Bundle
Bunny James Boxes 🌟 VIP 🌟 Ultimate Keto Holiday Gift Bundle
Bunny James Boxes 🌟 VIP 🌟 Ultimate Keto Holiday Gift Bundle
Bunny James Boxes 🌟 VIP 🌟 Ultimate Keto Holiday Gift Bundle
Keto Wonderland: Low-Carb Delights for a Healthy Holiday Season

🎄 Ultimate Keto Holiday Gift Bundle is a collection of our Deluxe Keto Snack Box, Limited Edition Keto Holiday Stocking, & Cute Keto Ceramic Mug.

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Give your Keto buddy an unforgettable Christmas with a Deluxe Keto Snack box! 

Welcome to a world where keto snacking meets sheer delight! Bunny James proudly presents the Deluxe Keto Snacks Gift Box—a treasury of 20 handpicked, ultra low-carb, and nutrient-rich marvels meticulously curated to elevate your keto journey to new heights.

Looking for a cute surprise? This bundle got you a mug that's as sassy as your sense of humor! Say hello to the Keto Booty Mug. Has been engraved with "Keto Booty" because life's too short for boring cups. 

And that’s not all! To feel the Christmas even more, indulge with customized Keto Holiday Stocking with handpicked stuffers inside! 

What's Included?

Deluxe KETO Snacks Gift Box Assortment

  • [1] Keto Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter 1.65oz
  • [1] IQ Bar Almond Butter Chip Brain Fuel Bar 1.60oz
  • [1] Karma Nuts Golden Turmeric Wrapped Cashews 1.50oz
  • [1] Field Trip Original Beef Jerky 1.00oz
  • [1] Nunbelievable Low Carb, Low Sugar Keto Friendly Snickerdoodle w/Baobab Cookies
  • [1] Southern Recipe Small Batch Sea Salt & Black Pepper Pork Rinds 0.88oz
  • [1] Pearson Ranch  Wild Boar Hickory Snack Stick 0.98oz
  • [1] Keto Farms Keto Farms Candied Nuts, Butter Toffee Peanuts
  • [1] Munkpack Almond Butter Cocoa Chip Keto Granola Bar 1.12oz
  • [1] Rip Van Dark Chocolate Wafers 0.78oz
  • [1] Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds 0.625oz
  • [1] Brami Garlic & Rosemary Lupini Beans 2.30oz
  • [1] Bubba's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Glazed Keto Nut Mix 1.2oz
  • [1] Further Food Collagen Peptides Packet 0.28oz
  • [1] Eden Salty Organic Pumpkin Seeds 1.00oz
  • [1] Mission Meats Turkey Sticks 1.00oz
  • [1] Think Jerky Turkey Stick Mini 0.50oz
  • [1] Diamond Foods Himalayan Pink Salt Walnuts 1.00oz
  • [1] Pizzootz Infused Peanuts ** Baja Taco**


Keto Pre-Packed Holiday Stocking Assortment

  • [2] ChocZero Peppermint Filled Squares
  • [1] Chipmonk Cinnamon Snickerdoodle Keto Cookie
  • [1] Rip Van Dark Chocolate Wafers 0.78oz
  • [1] Think Jerky Turkey Stick Mini 0.50oz
  • [1] Keto Farms Maple Candied Pecans
  • [1] Bubba's Maple Cinnamon Keto Nut Mix 1.2oz
  • [1] NuSkool Snacks Krunch Bar French Toast


Cute Keto Mug

  • [1]  Grey Keto Booty Mug 15oz

What People Are Saying About Our Gift Boxes

I really love it. I think the concept is super cool- I loved the snacks that were included. All easy to bring to work and eat quickly on a busy night or day shift. I haven't used all of the self care products but the chapstick and lotion stick are awesome, two products I always find myself needing on a 12 hr shift. I definitely plan on buying this box again, will probably send it to a few friends I have that are going to be graduating nursing school in the next year or two!

I’ve already eaten half the snacks, perfect to keep you on the go and awake for 12 hours. The self care products are all awesome and practical, sometimes we forget just how important self care is! The badge reel and keychain marker were the perfect touch and totally thoughtful. Will definitely recommend to all my nurse friends!

Awesome Selection of snacks!! I'm a huge snacker and I like to try different things, so I usually end up spending wayy to much time strolling the aisles in the grocery store. When you add on checking all ingredients lists and comparing products, it gets pretty time consuming, so this was perfect for me. I ended up loving everything in the fit box :)