Limited Edition Valentine's Day Gift Bundle

A gift that has it all, perfect for any taste.

Limited Edition Valentine's Day Gift Bag Bundle is a collection of 5 Bunny James Valentine's Day Gift Bags that cater to different preferences 💜

The Vegan Valentine's Gift Bag: Features a selection of delicious and healthy vegan snacks, perfect for those who follow a plant-based diet.

The Keto Valentine's Gift Bag: Includes a variety of keto-friendly snacks, perfect for those who follow a low-carb, high-fat diet.

The Jerky Valentine's Gift Bag: An assortment of 6 premium jerkies, perfect for those who want a healthy and protein-packed snack.

The Healthy Valentine's Gift Bag: A curated selection of healthy snacks that are delicious and packed with nutrients.

The Indulgent Valentine's Gift Bag: A variety of sweet treats and chocolates, perfect for those who want to indulge.

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We've got you covered with the best, yummiest, and healthiest options that are even safe for kids.

Show your loved one you care with a gift that fits their lifestyle and taste.

Order now and enjoy the perfect combination of health and indulgence with this Limited Edition Valentine's Day Gift Bundle. 


Certified Keto Valentine's Day Gift Bag (6 Snacks)

  • [1] Choc Zero Keto Bark Dark Chocolate Hazelnut 1 oz.
  • [1] Choc Zero Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup .50 oz.
  • [1] Country Archer Original Beef Mini Sticks .50oz
  • [1] Keto Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter 1.65 oz.
  • [1] Bubbas Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Glazed Keto Nut Mix 1.2oz
  • [1] Think Jerky Turkey Stick Mini 0.50oz


Certified Vegan Valentine's Day Gift Bag (7 Snacks)

  • [1] Jana Banana Green Banana Banana Bar 1.06oz
  • [1] Siren Lemon Poppyseed Protein Bites 2.96oz
  • [1] Bobo's Bites **Lemon Poppyseed** 1.3oz
  • [1] Yum Earth Vegan Sucker 0.21oz
  • [1] Whoa Dough Chocolate Chip 1.6oz
  • [1] Birthday Cake Rice Crispy Treat 0.78oz
  • [1] Yum Earth Tropical Fruit Snacks 0.70oz


Jerky Valentine's Day Gift Bag (6 Snacks)

  • [1] Field Trip Original Beef Jerky 1.00oz
  • [1] Country Archer Original Beef Mini Sticks 0.50oz
  • [1] Field Trip Cracked Pepper Turkey Stick 0.50oz
  • [1] Field Trip Beef & Pork Stick **Perpperoni Seasoned**   0.50oz
  • [1] Cattaneo Original Extra Thin Cut Jerky Strip 0.5oz
  • [1] Think Jerky Sweet Chipotle Beef Jerky 1.6oz


Healthy Valentine's Day Gift Bag (7 Snacks)

  • [1] Heavenly Organics Almond Pattie 0.39oz
  • [1] Chocolove Cherries & Almonds in Dark Chocolate Bar 1.3oz
  • [1] Natures Bakery Fig Bars 2.00 oz - Raspberry/Blueberry 2oz
  • [1] Daily Nuts and Fruit The Hipster Honey Butter Original 1oz
  • [1] Wiley Wallaby Triple Berry Individually Wrapped Licorice 0.2oz
  • [1] Field Trip Pepperoni Beef & Pork Stick 0.50oz
  • [1] Think Jerky Sweet Chipotle Beef Jerky 1.6oz


Indulgent Valentine's Day Gift Bag (10 Snacks)

  • [1] Chocolove Cherries & Almonds in Dark Chocolate Bar 1.3oz
  • [2] Godiva Milk Chocolate Pieces 0.28oz
  • [2] Lindt Truffles 0.42oz
  • [1] Amazon Black Forest Organic Gummy Bears Candy - 65 count 0.80oz
  • [1] Pepperridge Farms Milano Dark Chocolate Cookie 0.75oz
  • [1] Ghirardelli Chocolate Square 0.38oz
  • [2] Utah Truffles Milk Chocolate Truffles - Sea Salt Toffee 0.50oz


*On some occasions, due to supply constraints, substitutions may occur. Items will always be substituted with a like item that is just as yummy and satisfying.

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Valentine's Day is a special day to show love for the people we care about.

It doesn't matter if they are your boyfriend or girlfriend, or a good friend --- a thoughtful gift and some tasty treats that fits their needs can make this day extra special for anyone!

So this year, don't forget to show your love to all the special people in your life.


   Bunny James 💜 

Customer Reviews

Customer Testimonials

I LOVE this product. There is a great variety. Many things I have never seen, or didn't want to buy a huge box of. So nice to taste and see what I do like. So far, I like them all. I shared some with my daughter & son-in-law, and my husband. Looking forward to my next order. 

- Jean H.

Awesome Selection of snacks!! I'm a huge snacker and I like to try different things, so I usually end up spending wayy to much time strolling the aisles in the grocery store. When you add on checking all ingredients lists and comparing products, it gets pretty time consuming, so this was perfect for me. I ended up loving everything in the fit box :) I think I'm going to try the harvest one next. Also this would probably make a fun gift

- Robyn

Bought this basket as a gift for my step daughter to try the variety of samples, she loved it! This box was filled with delicious, healthy snacks, packaged very cute and arrived quickly. Needless to say, she will be purchasing more from Bunny James in the future! 

 - Sandy H.

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