Premium Jerky Gift Box


Bunny James Premium Jerky Gift Box is a collection of 12 individually wrapped protein rich jerky snacks.

When we say premium we mean it! Meats ranging from Venison to Ostrich! We also have unique flavors such as Sweet Chipotle and Chicken Buffalo!

What's in this awesome box?

[1] Ostrim Beef & Ostrich Jerky Stick (1.05 oz)
[1] Think Jerky Grass Fed Sweet Chipotle Jerky (1 oz)

[1] Epic Venison Grass Fed Jerky Steak Snack Strips (.8 oz)
[1] Ostrim Chicken Buffalo Wing Snack Stick (1.50 oz)

[1] Chomps Grass Fed Beef Sticks & Finished Jerky Stick (1.15 oz)

[1] Mission Meats Grass Fed Pork Stick (1.15 oz)

[1] Mission Meats Grass Fed Beef Bar (1 oz)

[2] Field Trip Seasoned Pepperoni Beef & Pork Stick (.5 oz)

[2] Field Trip Crispy Cuts Pork Rinds (2.5 oz)

[1] Field Trip All Natural 100% Grass Fed Beef Jerky (1 oz)


This gift will may make the receivers mouth water at first glance! So have a bucket prepared to catch the drool!

P.S If you grab this gift box for one person and not the other a fight might break loose!

Get ready to discover the newest, most delicious, healthiest, and trusted jerky and meat brands.

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