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With our Customer Success Manager, your orders are streamlined and worry-free, no guesswork required
Express your Brand through Your Gifts
Share your brand's journey with our customizable packaging and personalized item options
Thoughtfully Curated Boxes Just for You
All boxes are crafted with your well-being in mind. Whether you're prioritizing fitness, mental health, or even immunity - we offer a range of options to suit your needs
Options Available for every Budget
Whether you're spending $15, $50, or $100, we can accommodate your budget with ready-made or personalized assortment

A Box for Every Season

Stress Management

Cleanse face with rejuvenating soap. Rinse well and pat dry with a soft cloth.

Mental Health

Prioritize your mental well-being with our Mental Health box, featuring tools and resources to support relaxation and stress relief.


Uncover the benefits of mindfulness and connecting deeply with our thoughtfully curated gift box.

Mindful Movement 

Experience the perfect balance of stillness and motion. Energize your body and mind with carefully chosen essentials that promote a mindful approach to physical activity.


Stay hydrated and refreshed with our revitalizing collection. Explore a curated range of premium water bottles, fruit infusers, and rejuvenating beverages to keep you hydrated in style.


Kickstart your fitness journey with our energizing collection. Unleash your potential with handpicked workout essentials, energizing snacks, and motivational tools.

Fitness Recovery

Revive your body post-workout with our rejuvenating collection. Explore a variety of recovery essentials guaranteed to ease muscle tension.


Indulge in tranquility with serene aromatherapy, plush sleep masks, and comforting herbal teas. This gift box is your oasis of relaxation, beckoning you to unwind and savor restful evenings.


This gift box is here to inspire and energize you, so you can tackle each day with enthusiasm. Get a boost of energy and renewed spirit with our handpicked essentials.

Self Care

Take time to relax with our luxurious self-care products, calming teas, and essential self-care items. This gift box is your sanctuary, reminding you to make self-love and rejuvenation a priority.

Plants and Flowers

Explore the wonders of nature with our chosen potted plants, botanical decor, and floral candles. This gift box celebrates greenery and calmness, helping you build a peaceful oasis in your home or office.

Skin Health

Embrace glowing skin and inner wellness with this gift box, encouraging you to focus on your self-care. Discover your radiance and enjoy a refreshed, hydrated complexion with our carefully selected skincare essentials.

Female Owned

Enjoy a selection of artisanal delights, lovingly crafted by talented women entrepreneurs. This gift box pays tribute to the impact of women in the culinary sphere, offering a flavorful adventure while championing female-led businesses


Savor a diverse array of delicious treats inspired by cultures worldwide. This gift box commemorates the rich heritage and entrepreneurial resilience of BIPOC communities, inviting you to experience their unique flavors and stories.


Celebrate the wonder and joy of childbirth with a collection of handpicked essentials, including soothing body care items, relaxation aids, and meaningful keepsakes. This gift box is a heartfelt tribute to the strength and love of a new mother, providing her with support and encouragement during this special time.

Gut Health

Take a proactive approach to gut health with our Gut Health Box, offering a range of products to support digestion and overall wellness.


Strengthen your body's defenses with this curated Immunity Box, packed with immune-boosting essentials to keep you healthy and resilient.

Open Enrollment

Prepare for Open Enrollment with ease using our all-in-one box, containing helpful materials and tools to guide you through the enrollment process.

Personalized & Healthy Snacks

A box filled with all healthy better-for-you snacks customized to the eating style of each of your team.


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