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Bunny James Boxes Healthy Valentine's Day Gift Bundle
Nourish Her Spirit: The Ultimate Healthy Valentine's Day Bundle
  • This bundle comes with a free gift wrap for the snack box and gift tag for the bag.

  • Handpicked premium snacks (no fillers and no junk guaranteed) for an unparalleled snacking experience

  • All snacks are individually wrapped

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • Thousands of Happy Bunny James Customers

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Note: Gift wraps, if selected, will only be used on the snack box within the bundle.

What's Included?

Elevate Her Wellness This Valentine’s Day!

Present to the incredible women in your life a gift that truly embodies care and vitality. Our Healthy Valentine's Gift Set Bundle is meticulously crafted for those who cherish wellness and self-care.

Within this package, she will uncover a Healthy Snack Box, an assortment of wholesome, nutritious treats that are as delightful as they are healthful.

The Healthy Gift Bag complements this offering, providing an additional selection of rejuvenating snacks perfect for her wellness journey.

Sip and savor moments of relaxation with the 'Superwoman' Engraved Ceramic Mug, a daily reminder of her strength and grace.

Enhance her tranquil moments with our soothing Lavender Candle, perfect for creating a serene, calming atmosphere. And for the ultimate comfort, our Cozy Socks are included to keep her feet warm and snug as she unwinds.

💜 Limited Edition: Seize this opportunity to pamper her with a gift that not only nurtures the body but also soothes the soul.

Not Sure About Their Dietary Needs?

Let your recipient swap their gift to ensure they get the perfect treat for their unique taste.

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Tastes Better Than Flowers: Give personalized gifts filled with delectable snacks this Valentine’s Day!

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Bunny James Boxes Wooden Heart Tag X.O.X.O Valentine's Gift Tags
Wooden Heart Tag X.O.X.OLeather Keychain - BrownLeather Keychain - BlueMetal Keychain

Spread love with the best tasting snacks!