Jerky Sticks Gift Bag - Curated Assortment of High Protein Snacks – Bunny James Boxes
Jerky Sticks Gift Bag - Curated Assortment of High Protein Snacks - Bunny James Boxes
  • Jerky Sticks Gift for Men - Curated Assortment of High Protein Snacks - Alternative to Beef Jerky Gift Basket - Beef & Turkey Jerky Variety Pack Gift Set, Exotic Meat Gift

What's included

Prepare for a protein-packed journey with our Jerky Sticks Gift Bag—a meticulously curated assortment of 12 savory sensations designed to tantalize your taste buds and fuel your snacking adventures!

Jerky Sticks Gift Bag

12 Curated Assortment of High Protein Snacks

  • [1] Nick's Sticks Spicy Grass-Fed Beef Sticks 1.70oz
  • [2] Tillamook Teriyaki Wrapped Jerky Stick 1.25oz
  • [1] Think Jerky Beef Jerky Sticks 1.00oz
  • [1] Righteous Felon Lemon Basil Pepper Turkey Stick 1oz
  • [1] Mission Meats Turkey Sticks 1.00oz
  • [1] Think Jerky Jalapeno Beef Sticks 1.00oz
  • [1] The New Primal Lightly Peppered Turkey Stick 1.00oz
  • [1] Country Archer Original Beef Mini Sticks 0.50oz
  • [1] Field Trip Pepperoni Beef & Pork Stick 0.50oz
  • [1] Think Jerky Turkey Stick Mini
  • [1] Field Trip Cracked Pepper Turkey Stick 0.50oz

Experience the thrill of jerky snacking! Grab your Jerky Sticks Gift Bag and savor the essence of gourmet jerky flavors in every bite!

About this item

  • Savory Delights: Treat someone to a mouthwatering experience with our 12 curated assortment of exotic jerky sticks. Each bite is packed with bold flavors, satisfying his cravings for delicious, high-quality snacks.

  • Unique Assortment: Impress someone with a one-of-a-kind gift that showcases his adventurous spirit. Our jerky gift includes an array of exotic flavors, providing him with an exciting tasting journey.

  • Thoughtful Gift: Show your appreciation with a gift that reflects taste and personality. Our jerky assortment is specially designed for men and women, making it an ideal present that they will remember and enjoy.

  • Quality Ingredients: We prioritize quality and source our jerkies from reputable suppliers. Made from premium cuts of meat and seasoned with carefully selected herbs and spices, our jerkies offer a tender, flavorsome experience that will leave your dad craving more.

  • Convenient and Travel-Friendly: Whether your dad enjoys outdoor adventures, road trips, or simply snacking at home, our jerky gift is the perfect companion. He can easily take it wherever he goes, ensuring he always has a satisfying treat at hand.

  • Fast shipping!

  • Add a custom message with your gift bag

  • 12 individually wrapped snacks

  • Reusable linen bag

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • Thousands of Happy Bunny James Customers

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